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Welcome to our software demo for construction! From planning and scheduling to budgeting and execution, every facet of your construction projects can be streamlined and optimized with our state-of-the-art construction management software.

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Software Modules


This setting is a full-featured business management platform that allows users to effectively add products, manage staff, integrate multiple sites and handle suppliers.

It functions as a central hub for managing different aspects of operations, enabling streamlined control and organization in a business setting.

Payment Management

Streamlining payment processes and improving overall financial management, the payment feature centralizes management of transactions from suppliers and customers.

It offers tools for tracking incoming and outgoing payments, ensuring efficient handling of invoices, and maintaining clear financial records.

Delivery Management

The delivery division efficiently handles all supplied goods and makes it easier to distribute items to other site locations. By monitoring supplies, streamlining routes, and guaranteeing timely distribution.

This functionality improves inventory management across sites in terms of coordination and operational effectiveness.

Transport Management

Transport management allows for the tracking of revenue, expenses, and delivery locations.

It also optimizes vehicle utilization, keeps an eye on fuel consumption, and plans maintenance. All of these features contribute to the smooth running of logistics, cost control, and fleet performance within the larger operational framework.

Income Management

Income management feature facilitates tracking and managing all income streams on a monthly and date-wise basis.

It is simple for users to keep an eye on money streams, examine patterns, and provide financial evaluation reports. With real-time income data at hand, this capacity guarantees transparency and facilitates well-informed decision.

Ledger Management

Comprehensive records of the business's finances, car expenses, site transactions, supervisory operations, and supplier transactions are consolidated by the ledger feature.

It acts as a single location for financial data, making precise reporting, auditing, and tracking possible. This capacity supports well-informed financial decision-making transparency and compliance.

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Let's explore how software operates.

STEP 1 Setting

This setting is a full-featured business management platform that allows users to effectively add products, manage staff, integrate multiple sites, and handle suppliers.

STEP 2 Add Site/Project

By organizing information such as location, phases, stakeholders, and scheduling, construction software for adding sites or projects expedites the establishment of new sites.

STEP 3 Add Employee/Staff

Construction software streamlines workforce administration by keeping track of responsibilities, certifications, scheduling, and performance through employee/staff management.

STEP 4 Records, Site Ledger,etc

Financial transactions pertaining to projects, suppliers, and expenses are centralized using construction software for ledger and records administration.


Increased Efficiency : Our software greatly lowers administrative work and manual data entry by automating and optimizing numerous construction management processes.

This frees up your team to concentrate on more crucial project issues.

Enhanced Collaboration : By facilitating improved communication and cooperation between team members, subcontractors, and stakeholders, our platform makes sure that everyone is on the same page and working toward the same objectives.

Better Cost Control : Real-time budget tracking and cost management solutions allow you to monitor project spending closely, avoid overspending, and make wise financial choices.

Improved Project Visibility : With our extensive reporting and analytics options, you can see every detail of your building projects.

This openness enables you to see possible problems early and take proactive steps to resolve them.

Scalability and Flexibility : Our building software is made to grow with your company.

Our platform grows and changes with you, regardless of how many large-scale construction sites or projects you're handling.

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How to get demo ? 😍

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  • Request for demo by resgistering.
  • After register successfully, you will get UserName and Password soon.
  • Login with UserName and Password you mailed.
  • After Login, you will appear software login interface.
  • Start demonstrating till upto 7 days.

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Got Questions

Demo Software FAQ

What features does the construction software offer for budget tracking?

You can continuously track project spending using our construction software's real-time budget tracking features. By doing this, you can avoid expense overruns and make well-informed financial decisions based on current information. (Get in touch for a custom quote!)

How does the software help manage project costs effectively?

Strong cost management features in the software make it easier to track expenses across projects. It ensures careful financial control by enabling comprehensive cost breakdowns, expense categorization, and comparison against budgeted amounts.

Can the software generate reports on project finances?

Yes, our construction software produces detailed financial reports that include an overview of project costs, budget utilization, and projected financials. Stakeholders are given clear insights into the performance and financial health of the project through these reports.

Is the budget tracking feature customizable to fit different project needs?

Indeed. Because the budget tracking elements of the software are so flexible, you may easily customize budget templates, spending categories, and reporting formats to meet the unique needs of your projects.

How does real-time data benefit project management?

Our construction software's real-time data gives project managers the ability to respond quickly to changes in the financial situation, modify budgets as necessary, and uphold financial transparency among project teams and stakeholders.

Can multiple team members access and update budget information simultaneously?

Absolutely. Thanks to the software's collaborative access feature, several team members can examine and amend budget data at once. This encourages transparency and real-time cooperation in financial management.

How do I decide which features to include in my software?

When deciding which features to include in your demo video, you obviously want to choose features that best showcase the unique value and core functionality of your app.

You’ll have your own idea of what these features may be, but you might also consider mining user reviews to identify common positive feedback and features that users appreciate the most.

If you aren’t in that position yet, focus group testing is another good way to gather direct user feedback before you launch. Of course, we can offer our opinion as well!

The key thing is to not try and cover too much ground – 3-4 really exciting features make for a much better video than 10 average ones.