Ice cream parlours Software

💠 Ice cream parlours in India have become an extremely profitable business model; provided you know what you're doing and have excellent support systems in order for your venture to grow.

💠 The crowd in an ice cream parlor depends on how it represents itself, but whether the customers are revisiting or not – that depends on how you are treating them.

💠 In most cases, misusing raw materials, producing order slip instead of invoice generation, pilferage – are some of the common challenges faced by an absentee owner.

💠 To address all these concerns, especially for a multi-outlet or ice cream franchise, Just Billing brings an efficient Ice cream POS Software for ice cream parlors.

💠 With CSDT IT SOLUTION's IceCream Parlour Billing Software, manage your table orders, quick orders, takeaway, self-service, and party orders under a single portal!

💠 The software is incorporated with certain modules that help your business to operate systematically. Manage single or multiple outlets, access real-time data regarding inventories, sales, purchase, and employee productivity to take informed decisions.

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