Hospital Clinic Software

💠 CSDT IT SOLUTION's Hospital Clinic Software is an end-to-end hospital management software that helps physicians, clinics, and hospitals to make their practice paperless.

💠 We tailor customized hospital management information systems and clinic management software that best suits the unique requirement of each hospital.

💠 CSDT IT SOLUTION's Hospital Clinic Sofdtware comes with different modules like Laboratory, Pharmacy, HR, Inventory, and Accounting; thereby digitizing the basic management and record-keeping and making management tasks easier.

💠 CSDT IT SOLUTION's Hospital Clinic Software collects information on patients – for example, the medication they take, doctors’ recommendations, and the procedures that they have undergone in the past.

💠 Many programs also include a financial module for invoicing and payment.

Essential Features Of Hospital Software

All Kind of Accounts Master

Interest Master

Commission Master

Marketing / Network Member’s Ranking Master

FD / RD / MIS etc. Account System

Product Management System

A/C Holder’s Master

Marketing / Network Member’s Master

Target & Achievement Master

Interest Calculator [Compound / Fixed / Simple] [All kind of Interest]

Commission Calculator

Passbook Printing

Bond Certificate Printing

Commission Voucher Printing

Daily Cash Book Printing & Export To PDF

Maturity Voucher Printing

All Investment / Maturity / Commission Related Reports Printing & ExportTo PDF

Cash To Bank & Bank To Cash Management

Expense Register

Password Protected & Password Change Facil

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